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First-in-First-out (FIFO) Racks are very popular in the manufacturing and supply industry. These racks are popularly used in food storage houses, high volume storage units, distribution centres, mostly used in Automobile sectors and warehouses. We offer FIFO Racks system customized to suit the requirement of any business. The flexibility in design and commitment to quality makes FIFO Racks done by us if the best in FIFO racking solution. The items are usually stored in bins in FIFO racks and the bins are arranged one after the other. Once the first bin is empty it is usually removed and is replaced by the filled bin next to it. This is popular for bulk storage and is best where the stock movement is high. FIFO system is the best choice for manufacturing and assembling units where there needs to be continuous feed of raw materials and unfinished products. We manufacture of in various designed such as FIFO RACKS, FIFO TROLLEYS AND FIFO TEBLES. It will be customised as per client’s requirement.

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